Welcome to TimTam, The Crunchy, Chocolate Coated, Java GUI Editor for Confluence.

TimTam is based on the Eclipse platform, and will be available in both standalone (RCP) and plugin flavours.

It uses Confluence's SOAP API (see the spec and the latest WSDL) to provide a rich editing and site management environment.

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Beta 3 Available


A year and a month later, and due to actualy having a user ask for it, beta3 with word wrap ( has been in cvs for a year or so ) and some bug fixin is on the Downloads page.

Oh and it's tested with eclipse 3.1.1

Runs on Eclipse 3.0 - 3.0.1 not tested on 3.1 Mx

This snapshot includes bug fixes, search, version display , and page drag and drop.

Get it from the Downloads page.

How To Build It

Building The Plugin is your step by step guide to building a binary deployable version of TimTam from CVS.

Beta 1 out

OK , enough is enough , beta-1 is out and available on the Downloads page.

Read Installation , give it a spin , Bug/Requests on codehaus Jira please.


Beta 1 out this weekend.

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